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Golf Mat Buying Guide 2021

Best Golf Hitting Mats - Our Top Picks For Practice


Improve your game by practicing on Golf Hitting Mats from The Golfer's Pick. All year long – at home, in your own backyard, garage, shed, or basement.

Best Selling Golf Hitting Mat

FairwayHero Golf Mat | Portable Golf Hitting Practice Mat

FairwayHero Golf Mats by The Golfer's Pick are solid and highly-resistant Hitting Mats that simulate playing on a well-groomed fairway. Their unparalleled performance and feel make them the perfect fit for golfers looking to hit 1000s of swings. Our custom engineered fairway grass has great energy transfer and extra-shock absorption that prevents clubs from bouncing during impact. Combine that with an incredible price and a durable long-lasting design, and you can start to see why it has been a favorite among home golf enthusiasts.

Who it's best for: Golfer’s looking for a great value mat, best for practice in your home, with outstanding stability and durability for years of practice to come.

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Best High-End Golf Tee Turf Mat

TeeStrike Tee Turf Golf Mat | The Golf Mat That Holds Any Size of Wooden Tee

This high-end Golf Hitting Mat is designed to give you that on the course feel. Its high-performance turf gives the most realistic hitting experience available, allowing you to hit down and through the mat. The innovative hitting surface has the perfect amount of give to relieve strain on your joints and prevent injury.

The best part about the TeeStrike Tee Turf Golf Mat is that it accepts a wooden golf tee, just like in real grass. Being able to tee a ball up anywhere on the mat is a huge advantage over other golf mats!

This professional turf allows you to amp up your practice sessions and experience a true grass feel hitting mat. Swing with confidence knowing your hitting on the most forgiving and realistic mat available.

Who it's best for: Players who want a true grass feel hitting mat, allowing you to use your own tees, guaranteed to deliver years of high-quality performance.


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Best Affordable & Compact Golf Mat

SmartStrike Triple Turf Hitting Mat

Looking for a budget-friendly and compact size golf mat? The SmartStrike Triple Turf Golf Mat by The Golfer's Pick is a great hitting mat at an affordable price. This one of a kind mat gives golfers the ultimate hitting experience with not one but three unique hitting surfaces. Each hitting zone is designed to mimic the feel of hitting from the tee, fairway and even the rough. So whether you are correcting your drive, practicing with your fairway woods, or working on your pitching, the SmartStrike Golf Mat is a portable and fun way to improve every part of your game.

Who it's best for: Golfers who are on a strict budget, or are looking to add a portable and durable hitting mat to their existing practice net.


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Looking for a full practice package for your home, backyard, or business?

Add one of our durable  practice nets or skip the research and shop our selection of the hottest Net and Mat Packages in Golf. Don't forget, The Golfer's Pick will ship any of these products to you for FREE!