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Practice golf year round, with an Indoor Putting Green from The Golfer's Pick.



The Golfer's Pick's portable putting greens provide the look, feel and performance of natural grass in an easy, roll-out solution. Our putting greens are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your space and practice requirements.   


Why choose The Golfer's Pick's PUTTING GREEN PRO?

  • Our Professional Putting Green System is engineered to simulate actual putting green conditions.
  • These greens are made from top quality components and top-level putting turf, true-roll surface and awesome consistency.
  • We know you’ll be impressed with the natural look and feel of our artificial grass, the perfect roll off the putter and the quality of this putting green.
  • The perfect putting green for your home, backyard, garage or office, these models will help you lower your scores fast!
  • Our Golf Putting Mats are easily rolled up and to be stored conveniently. (Husbands, this usually makes the wives very happy. Happy wife, happy life.)
  • If the benefits of using our Professional Putting Greens weren’t apparent enough, know that you can place objects underneath the putting green to create different contours and breaks. The types of putts you can practice are endless. Practice chipping onto the green and, then finish by putting into the cup. Become a master at the short game!
  • Our Greens are available in 5 different sizes and styles, whether you are the golfer that is limited on space, or you are looking for a roomy green that fits in larger spaces, offices and game rooms, we have the right putting green for you.