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  • How far from the net should I be when hitting to prevent shots from going over the top?

    I typically stand about 6 feet away. Or just make sure you're far away enough to where your golf club doesn't hit the net.
    By William R.

  • Does it stand up to real balls being hit at it with a driver?

    Yes, this net does handle real golf balls and hits with all kinds of golf clubs, from your wedge to your driver. You will have the confidence to hit thousands of balls. This net will hold up to even the most rigorous of practice sessions.

  • Will the Golf net pro 10x7 setup on driveway? Or does it need to be steaked into the ground to keep it from sliding around/moving.

    "It should be fine, I use mine in my backyard without staking it down."

    Jeff B. (customer)

    "I've used mine in the garage. I've never had a problem with it moving. Very happy with net."
    Michael S. (customer)

    "I have mine in my basement. I would only stake it down if there is wind."
    Vincent M. (customer)

    "It does not need to be staked. I do have some small canopy sandbag-weights I put on it, but that's only cuz my son plays with the net when I'm not looking, causing it to move. We get some high winds at times as well. I practice my wedges on it, I love it for that reason alone; gotta work the short game as much as the long game of golf. It's self-standing, which is great."
    M. Cruz (customer)

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