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  • Hi, how thick is the material and will it work on thicker carpets? Does it always lay flat? Thanks!

    "It's about 2-1/2 " thick including rubber backing and surrounding "fringe" area. Not sure if it would work on a thick carpet... although it's heavy. (Ours is on concrete) It will eventually lay flat. Once it's un-rolled we put weights on the corners... for a few days, then it was great! Overall we like it a lot."
    By Bill S. (Customer)

    "Yes! Product is very heavy! It's been great!"
    By Kim C. (Customer)

    "It's about 2 inches thick foam base. We use it on hardwood but I'm sure it would be ok on carpet too. Bottom is pretty heavy. We roll ours up and have never had any trouble getting it to lay flat."
    By J. Porter (Customer)

  • How fast are the greens? on the stimpmeter?

    This putting green simulates medium-fast putting with stimp reading around 10.
    By THE GOLFER'S PICK on October 20, 2020.

  • Does anyone have ideas on how to make the puts.break?

    You can place objects underneath the putting green to create different contours and breaks.

  • How does it hold up outside on deck.? .

    "I have used mine on many surfaces. It lays flat on our wood deck as well as on our concrete slab. This is a very thick/heavy duty artificial grass mat with a backing." By Dave F. (customer), on March 25, 2019

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