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  • Approximately how far in front of the net do I place the mat?

    It is best to stand about 8 to 10 feet away from the net. Far enough back so the club doesn't hit the net on follow through.

  • Do I have to worry about the balls coming back at me, or does the net stop the momentum of the ball?

    The balls won't bounce out of the net. The target absorbs the impact of shots and balls will be collected inside the cage.

  • How tall and wide is it?

    There are two sizes available: The Extra Large net is 10ft wide, 6.6ft tall and 5.8ft deep. The Medium sized net measures 6.6ft (width), 4.4ft (height) and 3.9ft (depth).

  • Can this net be used to practice indoors? Does it stand up completely on its own, or do you need to somehow stake it down?

    Yes, just make sure you have a high enough ceiling clearance and distance from the net for your driver follow through. It does stand up on its own. The stakes are only needed outside when it's windy.

  • I was setting up the net and one of the supports broke. do you sell replacements? (Customer name: Mernoy Harrison)

    Hi Mernoy, yes, we do sell replacement poles sets for this net. Depending on the size of your net, please refer here:

    Replacement poles medium-sized net (6.5ft wide):

    Replacement poles XL-sized net (10ft wide):

    However, please note that we do not run inventory for individual, single pieces of this net. Thanks for your understanding!

    Cheers, Your team @ TheGolfersPick

  • Can you use regular tees with the turf and non-practice balls? It would be a gift for my husband. (Customer name: Kerry)

    Hi Kerry, the tri-turf mat that is included in the bundle comes with 3 pre-cut holes, designed for the use of rubber tees which can be purchased separately on our website. Besides practice balls, the net can handle real golf balls as well.
    Cheers, Your team @ TheGolfersPick

  • How does the net handle not being anchored with indoor use. If it is out side it can be easily anchored in the ground. I noticed the question is answered as I was completing the email. Lol. however I wanted to send this any way to see the response time.

    This net is sturdy enough to stay in place with indoor use. You can place a couple of sand bags on the edges for more stability, although it's not necessary. While using the net outdoors, you may use the stakes provided with the package to anchor it in the ground.
    Your team at THE GOLFER'S PICK

  • Can you hit real balls?

    I've been hitting regular golf balls the entire time I've had my net without any issues.
    By James W.

  • What holds it in place when used indoors?

    Indoors: The Golfer's Pick's golf net is heavy enough to stay in place when used indoors.
    Outdoors: It comes with its own stakes for outdoor use, and unless its very windy it's pretty stable in place.
    If you don't want to stake it down you can also place a couple sand bags on the edges.

  • what is the difference in price from 6' 5" net to 10' net??

    The 6.5' wide net (medium size) is currently on sale for $99.95 and the 10' wide net (extra large) is on sale for $129.95.

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