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  • What kind of surface do I place the mat on? I was planning on using in the backyard.

    "I have mine on the back concrete patio facing my golf net on the grass. This is a very thick/heavy duty artificial grass mat with a backing. I am well satisfied with it for both practice with irons and woods." By Russell S. (customer)

    "I use it primarily in my garage (with a net). But I have pulled the whole set-up to my backyard. It worked just fine there." By Richard (customer)

  • It says the mat is 1.125" thick. How thick is the backing?

    "Oddly enough, there is no rubber backing. The mat is similar to an area rug with just a thin layer as its base. That said, it's very sturdy and does not move while you're using it. Mine sits on the concrete floor of my garage and provides plenty of cushion. The lack of a rubber backing also makes the mat lighter, so if you want to move it to clean around it or put it away for a while it's much easier to handle. It's counter-intuitive... but it works well. It's really an AWESOME PRODUCT." By James L. (customer)

  • How much does the TeeStrike Pro weigh? (Customer name: Benjamin J McCue)

    Hi Benjamin, our 3'x5' TeeStrike Pro weighs about 15 Ibs (6.8 kgs).

    Cheers, Your team @ TheGolfersPick

  • does it leave marks on the irons like some cheaper mats (Customer name: Doug Cox)

    Hi Doug, our TeeStrike mats are made of 100% high-quality nylon turf which won't leave any residue or scratches on your irons or other clubs.
    Cheers, Your team @ TheGolfersPick

  • What’s the price on the 4’x5’ and the 5’x5’ ?

    Here's the link to the product pages of the other size variants for your convenience:
    -> TeeStrike Champ 4' x 5'

    -> TeeStrike Premier 5' x 5'

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