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  • How far away should I stand from the net when using a 9 iron?

    I tried different distances and thankfully they all went well. I have to say I'm usually 6-8 feet from it but others have been slightly further. I hope this helps you.
    By Bill M. (customer) on September 2, 2018

  • Can I use real golf balls?

    Dear customer,
    Thank you for your question! Yes, you can use real golf balls without any issues.
    By THE GOLFER'S PICK (seller) on August 25, 2018

  • how does the extra large net i purchased..10'x6.6'x5.8' do in the wind?...any anchoring suggestions with a net 10' in height

    The net comes with 4 ground stakes which are only needed outside when it's windy. Easy to anchor and pretty sturdy and won't blow over in the wind.

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