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SmartStrike Plus Triple Turf Foldable Golf Mat 25"x16"

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  • Ideal for Chipping & Hitting Practice

SmartStrike Plus Triple Turf Golf Mat by The Golfer's Pick

The SmartStrike Plus Golf Hitting Practice Mat 25″ x 16″ comes with along 6 practice tees. The base is made from non-slip rubber that’s 2mm thick to ensure safety.

The mat's surface is made with high-quality synthetics to simulate the feel of real grass. There’s one 16mm fairway turf to aid with working on your short game. The mat also has a 35mm rough and 40mm tee turf.

This versatile mat helps you work on your short game with its different surfaces as well as helping you minimize your strokes and average.

The different height tees aid you in perfecting your shots no matter what the tee situation is on the golf course. What's more, the tees fit into the mat as if you're plugging them into actual grass. You can set this up anywhere in your home, office or even your back yard. It's ultra-portable & comes with the equipment you need to perfect your golf game.


Why choose the SmartStrike Triple Turf Golf Mat from The Golfer's Pick?



Even the best golfers in the world need to hit out of the rough sometimes. Practice any lie you want with the fairway, rough, and tight lie separation so that there is never a shot you won’t be prepared for on the course.

(1) Tee Turf: Use a real golf tee to practice your driver and woods.

(2) Rough Turf: Just like being out on the course.

(3) Fairway Turf (Clean Lie): Hit off a perfectly clean lie for that PURE shot!


This mat is built to the highest standards and will be a product you can rely on for durability and longevity. The anti-slide rubber base provides weight and durability and will keep the mat in place during your practice session. 



Folds out to fit easily into most stalls and tee platforms. Designed for both indoor/outdoor use. Its exceptional portability allows you to set up the mat within seconds. Never worry about weather conditions again when you want to get practice time in.



  • The SmartStrike Plus Golf Mat measures 1.5 x 2.5 feet (16x25 inches), with a 16mm thick fairway turf, 35mm rough turf, 40mm tee turf, and 2mm rubber base.


What's in the box:

  • 1pc SmartStrike Plus Triple Turf Foldable Golf Mat 26x15 inches
  • 6 pcs Wooden Golf Tees included

Note: No golf balls are included in this package.


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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This has been a great training aid in preparation for the upcoming season. Glad I got this. Quality is very good.

By Branden C., May 2020

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