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TeeStrike Premier Golf Mat 5'x5'

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  • Thick tee turf holds any size of real wooden tee

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TeeStrike Tee Turf Golf Mat by The Golfer's Pick

Made of 100% spring crimped nylon material, the TeeStrike Golf Mat will not fade, bunch, weather or leave marks on your clubs. This golf mat is 1.25" thick with a urethane backing that will withstand repeated abuse.

The best part about the TeeStrike Golf Mat is that it accepts a wooden golf tee, allowing you to hit different clubs at different heights. No more hitting off of a predetermined height of a rubber tee. Rubber tees also give you a different feel because they obstruct your club at impact. Because it allows for wooden tees, our TeeStrike Golf Mat gives you that on the course feel. The dense fiber mat lets you feel the difference on a fat shot because if you go too deep the thick fibers will slow your club head speed, resulting in a fat shot.

In practice you will learn to eliminate your mishit shots. Our competitor’s golf mat will spring off the turf into the ball, which will result in mishit shots. Our mat lets you hit down on the ball for better practice.



Why choose the TeeStrike Golf Mat?



This mat allows you to introduce a real wooden tee into the mat, just like in real grass, providing the most realistic golf mat experience. Being able to tee a ball up anywhere on the mat is a huge advantage over other golf mats!



Designed to develop consistency and confidence in your golf swing, this Golf Practice Mat is a perfect fit for golfers looking to find unparalleled performance and feel. 



Discover the powerful benefit of practicing any part of your game from the fairway or tee box. Our custom engineered tee turf grass has great energy transfer and extra-shock absorption that prevents clubs from bouncing during impact.

Large size (5 x 5 ft) so you can stand on the mat and hit off it for a level lie.

This is a great golf mat for family use and can be used on any surface, including concrete patios and wood decks.



Our TeeStrike Golf Mat is highly durable and conveniently portable. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, you can increase your weekly training sessions by practicing everyday and anywhere.



This mat is built to the highest standards and will be a product you can rely on for durability and longevity.



Exceptional portability allows you to set up our hitting mat within seconds and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Never worry about weather conditions again when you want to get practice time in.

super tee golf mat 4x5 ft



  • 5' x 5'  / 60x60 inches / 152x152 cm


  • High-quality 1 1/8" (1.125") 100% spring crimped nylon turf
  • Urethane backing
  • Total mat thickness: 1.25"


    What's in the box:

    • 1 pc TeeStrike Premier Golf Mat 5x5 ft


    TeeStrike Premier Golf Mat 5'x5'

    TeeStrike Premier Golf Mat 5'x5'

    $267.95 $349.00